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Thoughtful Mentorship

I would like to pint out that as per my 29 years of career aspect, I have seen many leaders and mentors who helped me to grow further and Shanu is also definitely a very progressive, thoughtful, aggressive with change in technology sphere mentor who helped m certain points to revive them for a proper progression. I’m thankful to her for certain guidance with upcoming tech sphere which I appreciate. Wish her all the best towards her career mentor ship further for upcoming genre.

Pramukta Majumdar

I was in a urgent

I was in a urgent need of job in Sap fi role since few months so i was doing post on linkedin on daily basis. Then one day Shanu pinged me she discussed with me about my requirements and then she suggested me to change my status and resume in order to get the job. From next day onwards i started getting Job calls and Messages for Job opening.
So i sincerely thanks Shanu Patil for her valuable support and ideas because of her i got my Dream Job. I got influenced and motivated with her attitude so i also started helping and supporting job seekers as per my ability.



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